KinderGuardian! An allowance for games.

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Most kids play games everyday. A lot. That's awesome. But until KinderGuardian it's been hard for parents to manage in this brave new world of mobile gaming. Relax, we got this!

Safe Gaming

Games should be fun for you and your kids. But you shouldn't have to play over their shoulder. That's no fun. KinderGuardian approved games are safe for you and your kids.

Piggy Bank

We’ve developed a system that lets you set an allowance. End of discussion. The best part? No more overspending or getting nagged to buy hearts or berries all day!


There's a time and a place for fun. Supper isn't one of them. We let you decide when your kids are allowed to play and for how long. Let us be the timekeepers. You're welcome!

Sleepless Mom Confessions:

"We were freaked out about how much time our daughter was playing games. I have to disconnect the wifi at night so she can't sneak our iPad into her room to play games when we're asleep!”

Dad On the Clock:

“Getting the kids ready for school is a nightmare. They’re getting notifications at 7 a.m. that their farms or their armies are ready or something. It’s a distraction I don’t want to fight about; I just want it not to be an issue.”

Tapped Out Mom:

“I opened my credit card bill and saw I had been charged more than $700! I’m pretty sure my kid didn’t even know what she was doing. Now whenever she plays a game, I feel like I have to watch her play. And she feels like I don’t trust her.”

Meet the team

Melani Flanagan


Matt Pichette


Want to know more? | a little about us

Mel and Matt have been working in games for a long time - we’re much older than we look. We’ve written, produced or programmed a lot of the content that you and your family play. And hey, we love games, we just don’t like hearing about parents getting dinged with bills they didn’t want or couldn’t afford.

So, we decided to do something about it. Games should be fun for you and your kids. We intend to make them fun again.

Right now, we're working on perfecting our system to give you and your family quality game time. Sign up to be part of our beta. It's first come, first served. Space is limited. But you'll be notified directly when the full product is ready! No spam. No fees. We promise.

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